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7 classes for $37

Use within 7 days. Starts on the day of your first class. 

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Your All-In One Solution

Mat Yoga

Learn the ropes or practice your passion with beginner-friendly mat yoga classes from the gentlest Restorative class to the more active Vinyasa Flow classes. 

Trapeze Yoga

Experience Trapeze Yoga from the fun, flow-style Trapeze class to the more cardio and strength focused Trapeze Sculpt class.


You’ll fit right into our community who is open, inviting,  encouraging, and who value self-care and self-improvment just as much as you do! 


These are workouts that genuinely don’t feel like you’re working out! During class, you’ll have so much fun figuring out where your foot is supposed to go next and  when you get home, you’ll notice your abs are sore and wonder how that happened!

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Why Good Moodra?

At Good Moodra Yoga, you’ll change you perspective about fitness by having fun, finding peace, and getting fit without feeling like you’re working out. 

When you walk in, you’ll feel welcome and accepted for where you are now. No juggement, no pressure. 

You’ll get personaized instruction by highly skilled instructors who taylor their recommendations to your specific goals and needs!


Why Yoga?

Why Trapeze?

Where to Start?

Start with Trapeze 101 or pop into any of our other classes to get  started. As long as it doesn’t say “Advanced” you’ll be just fine as a beginner. 

How to Sign Up?

It’s easy! All you have to do is reserve your spot, show up 20 minutes early and bring your mat!



Our average customer rating is 4.9 Stars on Yelp with 100 Reviews and 4.9 on Google with 101 Reviews
I had tried aerial yoga before but let me tell you, the caliber of instruction I've received at this studio is unparalleled. I felt fully supported (by the trapeze AND the teachers) walking me through the experience. The teachers really know their craft here, I've yet to come across anyone that I didn't truly appreciate from the bottom of my heart. I feel seen and appreciated as a student and a person here! Personally, I've also been able to accelerate my practice back to where I was (and beyond) pre-covid/pre-kids in a few short weeks. They have a great schedule, and it's a warm and welcoming community.
Pamela K
I'm about 6 weeks in and I am hooked. I've been doing yoga on and off for years. I've tried a few of the most popular studios in OC and this one is top notch. The instructors are some of the best I've ever had. Decent variety of offerings for various levels. The trapeze is a great , it really stretches your various muscles and your spine more than regular yoga. What really sets this boutique studio apart are the small touches. The greet you with a warm smile upon entry and usually by first name! Water station with reusable glass wear just in case you forget your bottle and super clean. Very confident online/app scheduling. 5 star+
Connie P

7 classes for $37

Use within 7 days. Starts on the day of your first class. 

Get Your 7 Classes for $37

*Opting in allows us to send you periodic messages. Opt out easily at any time.

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