Good Moodra Yoga offers a safe, fun and challenging atmosphere for all yogis – from beginner to advanced levels. We love how Yoga makes us feel, and we want to share that with the community.

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Trapeze 1

A class for those newer to trapeze yoga, Trapeze 1 focuses on building strength without as much intensity, and flexibility by using the trapeze to help reach versions of yoga poses that are not as accessible on the mat. This is great for anyone with back pain or mild injuries.

GoodMoodra 1a

Trapeze 2

A fitness-based class that focuses on strength-building through pull-motion exercises and back and core engagement while working on flexibility, using the trapeze to achieve deeper versions of yoga poses that are done on the mat.


Best of both worlds! A 60 minute mat vinyasa class that seamlessly weaves in use of the yoga trapeze into the practice. Used as a prop, the trapeze will gently help deepen poses for better flexibility, will help maximize all core work, and will assist in all arm balancing and inversions. All levels welcome.


Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga, targeting deep into the fascia and connective tissues. It incorporates principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with asanas (postures) that are held for longer periods of time.​

Vinyasa 1

Vinyasa translates directly to “movement with breath.” It is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another seamlessly, using breath. It is commonly referred to as “flow” yoga.

Vinyasa 2

Vinyasa 2 is a strength-focused and fast-paced style of yoga for those who are familiar with the yoga asanas. You can expect a more rigorous, but accessible class that flows from one sequence to the next with breath.


If you’re newer to yoga this is exactly the class for you. There is no pressure to be “flexible” or “good at yoga”. We offer gentle guidance into and out of postures, while offering modifications, and ensuring the understanding of the yoga basics necessary to graduate into more advanced classes.


Restorative yoga is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. The goal is to allow your body to relax completely by use of props, rather than your muscles supporting your body. Restorative yoga is an excellent way to help reduce stress.​

Gentle flow

Gentle Flow Yoga is a variation of traditional Hatha Yoga that is perfect for anyone with injuries, less mobile or stiffer bodies. It is gentle enough to be restorative, but challenging enough to help rehabilitate and strengthen the body.​

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