Sunday, April 11th - May 2nd
Journey To Your Splits
In this 4-week program, you will learn:

Skill #1: Listen and understand your body's cues and learn how to avoid injury or OVER stretching in your flexibility journey by furthering your anatomical understanding.

Skill #2: How to master the "PNF Stretching," a gymnast's secret to achieving your flexibility goals and move past the STRETCH REFLEX.

Skill #3: The 8 Basic moves you’ll need to transition your static flexibility to dynamic flexibility to increase mobility and avoid problems associated with an aging body.

This is NOT for someone looking for a “quick fix” to get into their splits, no matter the cost on their body. But if you are ready to break the mental block that’s holding you back from achieving your flexibility goals while finding patience and acceptance for where you are today, then this is perfect for you!

ABOUT YOUR WORKSHOP LEADER, CIARA: Ciara is a certified yoga and yoga trapeze instructor with extensive knowledge in yoga. Ciara comes from a background in competitive gymnastics and dance and has experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly in furthering flexibility. For example, learning the splits in Ballet is a completely different experience than in Gymnastics, and while they both get you to that end goal, Ciara will ensure that you are learning the proper form and techniques to avoid injury and to expedite the process. She has cherry-picked the best methods from each sport to provide a cumulative month-long journey to discover your splits.

With the knowledge you will learn from this class, you will not only be able to achieve the splits, but you will also be able to take these stretching techniques to other areas of flexibility and learn safe and practical methods to deepen all stretches. While she loves to challenge her students, she teaches with intention and clarity in her cues with a scientific focus and anatomically correct detail to craft a program that is easily digestible and attainable for yogis of all levels. Ciara has a passion for yoga and helping others achieve in their own bodies what they never thought possible!

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Sunday, April 11th - May 2nd

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