Sunday, December 13 2020
New Moon Outdoor Reiki Sound Bath


Come celebrate the New Moon as we gather in community and fall into meditation together!

We are excited to bring our New Moon Outdoor Reiki Sound Bath to our commUNITY! Located in the outdoor studio hosted by Good Moodra Yoga, prepare to be immersed and basked soothing sounds and vibrations, all while adhering to proper safety guidelines of course!

Even though the New Moon may not be as visible in the sky as the Full Moon, it’s energy is no less potent. Whilst Full Moon periods are of clearing, releasing, and re-newal, New Moon periods are for introspection, reflection, and re-connection. We’re given a chance to reflect on what we truly need in order to re-create ourselves in a manner that serves our highest intentions. As the moonlight begins to wade away and darkness covers the lunar sphere, our own inner shadows are given a chance to become more visible, giving clarity on the exact story that’s being portrayed within us. Understanding ourselves as a whole allows us to bring conscious awareness to all aspect of ourselves, thereby helping us make better decisions in this physical reality.

Our sound baths are so much more than just a relaxation experience. Our Full Moon Sound Bath will include our favorite local Reiki Practitioner, Marizol Ortiz, who will be giving Reiki healing to all participants during the sound ceremony.

We'll also have two wonderful vendors including Fusion Wellness Co, who will be providing free CBD samples for all participants and YouAreMagick, who will showcasing their line of reiki infused jewelry and offering Oracle/Tarot card readings for our participants!
Sunday, December 13 2020

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