Student Testimonials

We are so grateful for our students at Good Moodra Yoga, and we love hearing

how much Yoga & Trapeze Yoga has helped them in their lives.

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Always a pleasure attending your class! The warm up exercises that you teach us helps us perform better in class, prevent us getting injured and we can do it at home and at work.
Marlene Tucay
Trapeze 1 with Jake
March 22, 2022
Love her!!! Perfect for new individuals with injuries! Can’t wait to have another class with Andrea!
Michelle Sanchez
Gentle Flow with Andrea
March 21, 2022
Jake’s pretty cool! He takes the time to notice his students. When our form is off or if someone struggling he is always eager to help. He is enthusiastic when giving instructions and makes effort to remember names.
Amanda Nguyen
Trapeze 1 with Jake
February 24, 2022
Such a great class. With ease and enthusiasm, Ariana led us through so many fun and challenging poses. The class was just what I needed to let go, be curious, playful, and face my fears! 🤍
Stephanie Wise
Trapeze 1 with Ariana
April 1, 2022
Roni is amazing, she made this class so much fun and opened up a new world of yoga for me!
Kelly Pieters
Trapeze 101 with Roni
March 29, 2022
If you are looking to get stronger by being challenged with some extra cool and fun poses along with transitions on the trapeze, Dulce’s trap 3 class is it! She is an amazing yoga instructor and I always feel a boost of energy after her class. Dulce is so amazing at getting our brains prepared to try new things and is always building on our strengths.
Martha Garcia
Trapeze 3 with Dulce
February 13, 2022
One of the best instructors I’ve had! She thoroughly explains every move we make, guides us, help us do our moves safely. A very pleasant and nice teacher.
Marlene Tucay
Trapeze 2 with Jessica
February 5, 2022
I look forward to vinyasa 2 with Siobhan! It’s not only a good workout, but the pain relief after every class is unmatched. Thank you so much!
Erica Franco
Vinyasa 2 with Siobhan
March 7, 2022
My 1st level 2 class - I loved it and I’m still sore 2 days later. Looking forward to next Mondays class!
Marilyn Miller
Trapeze 2 with Jake
January 17, 2022
I loved the laughing!!!!
Karen Weigman
Vinyasa + Trapeze with Ariana
January 26, 2022
LOVE this yoga studio, everyone is so friendly! The workouts are great and because of the trapeze, it helps stretch out your body more than a regular workout would. I signed up for a membership because I enjoyed the experience so much! I even got a few of my friends and my boyfriend to try some classes with me (: If you’ve ever wanted to try trapeze yoga, do it!! I recommend starting off with their trapeze 101 class to get the basics down first.
Kriesha Millar
March 2022
Greatest yoga studio ever! This studio is very clean, organized and instructors are always welcoming! I took trapeze class couple days ago, It was very fun. After class I felt calm, stretched and confident. Love it! If you are considering to take a class now, just try! You won't regret it 🙂
March 2022
I’ve never done yoga and trapeze before but now I’m in love. The teachers are exceptional and the place is clean and quiet. Jake and Jenny have been so patient and gentle with all their students. I would personally recommend to everyone! 10/10. It helps me unwind after a long and stressful day of work. Excellent for your mental health. It’s a good break from the day to day. Join one class and you’ll see 😉
Steph Arboa
March 2022
Good Moodra is an amazing place to find your mental peace and connect with yoga lovers. I really love the Trapeze yoga which is an amazing way to increase one's balance, flexibility and strength. It's challenging and fun at the same time. Yoga has always been a part of my life journey and Good Moodra Yoga has made it easier to access to all levels of Yoga.
Yaman Pattanaik
March 2022
I just started at Good Moodra Yoga a few weeks ago with their Groupon to try something new and love it! I am now a member! I wanted to get back into fitness/yoga and this studio is a great start! Everyone is super friendly and supportive. They want you to feel comfortable from start to finish. I love the energy. Classes are fun and challenging, we are encouraged to try new movements at our own pace. I have literally told all my friends about this place and have a couple friends now attending classes. 🙂 if you are looking for something new and fun to do - check at Good Moodra Yoga!
Taylor Green
March 2022


Meet Thoai, our beautiful Good Moodra Yoga member and friend.

Thoai is the definition of go-go-go. She’s in her late 40’s, an executive at a large company, a dog mom and invested in her community. She’s done fitness-oriented activities in the past and loved Aerial fitness, but like many of us, fell out of that routine. Especially during COVID.

She started feeling the “uuugh”.

You know…that annoying “uuugh” you feel when you realize it’s been 3 years since you’ve intentionally moved your body. That “uuugh” you feel when your body is all of a sudden much more squishy than you’re used to. That “uuuuuuugh” you feel when you realize you really haven’t spent any time on yourself lately.

But she didn’t have time for herself.

Something had to change.

Getting straight back into Aerial would have been hard because she’d have to build up her strength and flexibility again. She’d have to try yoga…but yoga just wasn’t her passion. When she found Good Moodra Yoga and saw the Trapeze, she was intrigued! Not Aerial…not yoga. Maybe this was it?

So she tried it…and she was hooked! She could never get that deep into poses on the mat alone. The trapeze was great because there’s an extra assist from gravity. It is challenging but doable, and she even gets cardio in during class!

Taking class became a priority to her. She began blocking off time on her work calendar so she wouldn’t be booked too late at night where she’d miss her classes. She found a balance in her life – between taking care of others, and taking care of herself.
She even began inviting her friends and family to come in!

Her nieces started coming to class with her, and they’d make a day of it! Chatting to and from class in the car, laughing and having a great time during class, and spending some girl time after class for lunch or manicures.

Not only is she now able to go out and have fun and do activities outdoors without tiring out, she met a very active man who really appreciates her being able to keep up with him! She even took him to Good Moodra Yoga on their first date! Now the joke between them is that he “went upside-down for her!” Needless to say, they are on their way to happily ever after…

Thoai has found a community at Good Moodra that she loves being a part of. She loves how encouraging and welcoming everyone is. Everyone cheers each other on. She loves how she has learned how to slow down her mind, calm her thoughts, and incorporate this meditation into her practice.

She found balance.



Amber is a driven, competitive 36-year-old mother of two, wife, former LPGA Teaching Professional and General Manager of her family business. She’s always been active, but has always been “chubby” according to her, even with a personal trainer and living an active lifestyle.

Amber tried yoga a few times when golfing was her career and also later when she coached golf in High School. She liked it…but she got out of it a few times and tried a hundred other things: bootcamp, boxing, swimming. The exercises were hard on her body, and that combined with her competitive nature, caused her to keep injuring herself so she got out of that as well.

Last year, her good friend got a Yoga Instructor job with Good Moodra Yoga and was learning to teach Trapeze. She asked Amber to come over so she could practice. Amber got into the Trapeze and was really surprised! It was cool but scary, hard and fun all at the same time.

She signed up for a membership shortly after and started going to class 3-4 times per week.

The trapeze was fun! It was challenging and tested her competitive nature but let her get deep into stretches she desperately needed. She felt like a kid again! She learned something new every time she came to class. She loved the instructors. The community was supportive, holding each other accountable to come to class – in a fun way. She felt connected to everyone. Like she belonged.

She started noticing a huge shift in her body and in her mood. She was losing weight. Getting more toned. She’d get home after class feeling more patient. More energetic mentally. Less tired.

The most impactful moment she remembers was when she was driving to Trapeze class, she was crying because she had a horrible day at work. When she got to the studio and sat in the sling, she felt peace. She felt safe. She could breathe. She was able to let everything go in the 1 hour she was there and focus only on moving through the poses.

Even though she was feeling so much better, she started feeling guilty for coming so often and missing out on time with her family. So she started missing class more during the busier, more stressful weeks. Then her husband told her one day “you need to get back to yoga class, you’re a different person without it.” She was surprised he supported her being gone so often…but he told her he was proud of her for doing something for herself, and that she was a better person because of it.
Trapeze yoga changed Amber’s life.

She’s more patient and feels like she’s a better mom. She’s less stressed. Her golf game has improved drastically because she can now control her body in a more targeted way. She can breathe now when running because she’s learned to control her breath. When her muscles are tight, she knows how to loosen up.
She’s lost over 40 pounds in 1 year.

She’s never felt this way before mentally or physically. Even her friends and family are noticing the difference.

Amber is a new person.


If you’ve been to the studio, you’ve seen Mike. He’s here all the time!

He’s an avid golfer, business owner, and father who was coerced into taking yoga classes by his daughter several years ago. He had back pain and knee pain at the time, and she swore it would help him…so he tried it!

What he didn’t expect is that he liked it! He couldn’t touch his toes, and didn’t look like your average “yogi”…but he really enjoyed classes. It was a lot more challenging than he expected…he thought he’d be doing slow stretching the whole time. Even his friends made comments on how easy it must be! But it was a challenge, and there were a lot of things he couldn’t do. The more he took classes, the more flexible and strong he got. He loved seeing his improvement over time. He was hooked.

When he started doing yoga at Good Moodra Yoga, he loved it. The community was so encouraging and accepting…and fun! He saw the Trapeze and thought “There is NO WAY I am doing THAT!” He was sure he was going to kill himself (his words haha) if he tried.

But he did try. 

It was uncomfortable at first and took a few tries to get used to it … and even longer to get upside down with ease … but what a workout! He was even more challenged with his upper body now, and he even was able to get the full splits into his practice!
His golf game has improved drastically. His wife has commented that he always seems happy now. And he is so proud of himself that he can do Trapeze Level 2 classes – and even Level 3 classes! He feels stronger and better in general.

He doesn’t even remember his back pain!


Meet Sharon, Good Moodra Yoga member, and cherished part of our family!

Sharon is a third-grade teacher, 58 years young, wife, and mother of three.

Teaching third-grade is a stressful job.

It has it’s share of fulfillment and joy – but it’s stressful. Wrangling children. High expectations. Demanding parents. All while trying to educate our young, bright minds in an engaging, attention-grabbing way.

She felt the stress build up in her shoulders and upper back throughout the days, often leaving work with tension and pain – and really not the best mood.

She tried yoga with her daughter in the past with high hopes that would help…and it did! But it was hot yoga and as much as she loved the tension relief, she really didn’t like the hot room.

Then COVID hit, and stress levels went through the roof! She now had to shift completely to a virtual world with third graders who are already difficult to keep engaged. Not only that but her work changed completely…and the stress only built from there.

The tension in her body was apparent. She knew she needed to do something about it. She saw the “Good Moodra Yoga” sign right near her house, so it just made sense to hop in!

She loved the regular temperature yoga classes and started seeing changes in her stress levels right away…but she kept hearing about the trapeze… it looked so intimidating! She thought for sure she couldn’t do THAT. When she read an email with Roni’s story about how she suffered from back pain as well, and how the trapeze helped, she decided to try it out!

It turned out that the trapeze was a great workout! She wasn’t expecting to sweat. She was surprised to find that it could actually take the place of the bootcamp classes she was used to taking for the most part because it was an amazing workout and incorporated stretching & relaxation as well!

Not only that, but she is getting stronger in ways she never expected. She built up her upper body strength, and her thighs now have these these muscles in the front that she has never seen before! She also proud to say, she can even keep up with the rest of the class without problem 😊

She’s a happier, healthier version of herself. She has officially gone back to work in-person this year and has had her share of stresses. The kids aren’t used to being in class anymore…so she’s had to put a lot more effort into just reminding them and showing them how to behave on top of all of her regular stresses.

She has yet to leave with shoulder or back pain.

She is happier and healthier than she has felt in years.

And she has found that mind-body connection that everyone talks about with yoga – she’s found her new calm, peaceful normal.

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