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Lisa Carrillo

Struggling at times with my body due to auto immune issues especially asthma and eczema, I had never considered myself as particularly strong or powerful or necessarily intimately connected with this gift of a body I had been given. Working in sales, I was stressed more often than not. There was a point where I felt really unbalanced. In 2004, I began doing yoga with videos when I discovered I literally was unbalanced!

From that point on, yoga became a part of who I was by expanding my prayer life through my body in my practice by setting intentions in my practice for myself and/or my community. I believe that as we value and experience deepening intimacy with our body that the entire body of humanity is ultimately affected.

In 2016, I was certified in Holy Yoga to teach vinyasa flows. I was inspired to get certified to teach chair yoga and followed up by getting a Holy Yoga Masters Certification. After being certified to teach yoga for athletes, I was challenged with flows that were tailored for professional athletes and realized my own body’s strength, flexibility, balance in healthy alignment. That also helped me to truly understand the power that our breath has in affecting our nervous system. It still amazes me that our bodies want to be healthy and powerful and are built to be so.

I look forward to meeting students where they are to continue to build our relationships with our amazing bodies! Let’s increase our love for ourselves and others in soul, body, and mind with fun and challenging practices.

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