What is the Best Yoga Teacher Training?

What is the Best Yoga Teacher Training?

    1. Reputation and Accreditation: Look for a training center with a good reputation and positive reviews from past students. Check if they are affiliated with reputable yoga organizations or have accreditation from recognized bodies such as Yoga Alliance. This ensures that the program meets certain standards and quality guidelines.

    1. Curriculum and Teaching Methodology: Review the curriculum and teaching methodology of the training program. Ensure that it covers the essential components of yoga, such as asanas, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, teaching techniques, and ethics. Assess if the program aligns with your interests, learning style, and goals as a future yoga teacher.

    1. Experienced and Knowledgeable Faculty: The expertise and experience of the faculty members play a crucial role in the quality of the training. Research the credentials, qualifications, and teaching experience of the instructors involved in the program. Experienced teachers can offer valuable insights, guidance, and mentorship throughout your training journey.

    1. Training Intensity and Duration: Consider the duration and intensity of the training program. Some programs span several weeks or months, while others may offer intensive immersion courses. Assess your availability and personal commitments to determine which format suits you best. Additionally, ensure that the program offers an adequate number of training hours to meet the requirements for certification.

    1. Practical Teaching Opportunities: Practical teaching experience is invaluable for gaining confidence and honing your teaching skills. Check if the program provides opportunities for hands-on teaching practice, observation, and feedback. Teaching opportunities during the training can help you develop your teaching style and adapt to different student needs.

    1. Student Support and Community: A supportive and inclusive learning environment can greatly enhance your training experience. Find out if the training center offers ongoing support, mentorship, or resources after the program completion. Additionally, consider the potential for building connections with fellow trainees and the wider yoga community.

    1. Location and Facilities: Consider the location and facilities offered by the training center. Assess if it provides a conducive learning environment and amenities that meet your needs. Factors like accommodation options, practice spaces, study materials, and accessibility should be taken into account.

Ultimately, the “best” place for yoga teacher training will vary depending on your individual preferences, goals, and circumstances. It’s recommended to research and compare multiple options, read reviews, and possibly reach out to past students or instructors to gather more specific information about the training center you are considering.

What is Different about Good Moodra’s Teacher Training?

During your yoga teacher training with Good Moodra Yoga, you will learn how to confidently teach a smart, well-sequenced, anatomy-informed class.  We take into consideration all learning styles, visual, auditory and kinesthetic, and offer opportunities to begin teaching from the first day of training. 

Our Training is: 

Yoga Alliance Certified

Good Moodra Yoga’s training programs are certified through the Yoga Alliance, and the Trapeze Teacher Training qualifies as continuing educational requirements.

Built for all types of learning styles

Everyone learns and absorbs information differently. That’s why we offer different types of instruction and training, from at home study to in person integration in the classroom so all students feel supported and set up for success.


We don’t cram all of the anatomy training all into one weekend (or day!). Instead, we weave anatomy throughout the entire yoga teacher training, starting from day one.

Whether you’re looking to teach in a studio right after certification, or to expand your practice and understanding of yoga, this teacher training will deliver exactly what you’re looking to accomplish. 

Enter training with a deep love and passion for yoga. Leave transformed with an understanding of all aspects of yoga, a deeper understanding of yourself, and life-long friendships.


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