What NOT to do Before Trapeze Class:

  1. Don’t eat 2 hours prior to class
  2. Don’t drink caffeine 2 hours prior to class
  3. Don’t forget your yoga mat
  4. Don’t take Trapeze or Trapeze Sculpt until you’ve taken Trapeze 101
  5. Don’t forget to watch the video below!



All new Trapeze Students start with our Trapeze 101 class, where you get specialized attention so you’re ready to move onto the all-levels Trapeze Classes. 

In a Trapeze 101 class, EVERYONE is new because you only take it once. We walk you through the trapeze and how to use it, ensuring you understand options to make things harder or easier.  Then we get into a comprehensive class teaching you the basics so you’re prepared for Trapeze Class next time!

It is required to take Trapeze 101 before booking another Trapeze class – so book your class today!

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Want to Take a Mat Yoga class instead?

No problem! 

All of our classes are all-levels and beginner-friendly, so you can book any mat yoga class you’d like: Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Flow or Restorative!

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